A person who is suffering from a severe coma has still a chance to recover, a study confirmed.

According to researchers, some comatose patients showed a ‘hidden consciousness’ state amidst their deep sleep. They made this conclusion after analyzing the brain algorithms of 100 patients.

Based on their study, in every seven cases of severe head trauma, there’s always one that can escape from death.  The survivor will display a unique pattern of brain algorithm in response to various commands. Some of the instructions that were used during the study were hand gestures, feet movement, and lean adjustment.

The researchers added that people who got this ‘hidden consciousness’ has a significant chance of survival.

Dr. Jan Claasse, the lead author of the research, said that some coma patients are still capable of sensing signals.

These patients just need enough time to recover fully. While their conclusion is accurate, Dr. Claasse admitted that there’s so much to be done to make brain algorithm as a reliable survival gauge. Once this study is improved, more secrets of the brain activity will be unveiled.

How Brain Algorithm Helps

For several decades, doctors could not pinpoint the survival rate of persons with coma. What medical practitioners usually do is to provide life support and leave the other things to faith. Well, this is not the case now. With the latest discovery of the ‘hidden consciousness,’ you can immediately determine if the patients can make it or not. Just tell the doctor to check the brain waves of the patients after subjecting to different physical instructions (such as moving the hands).

Medical practitioners across the globe consider this latest study as a milestone in neuroscience. However, they are also hoping that the result of this study must be refined soon to help more patients.

In retrospect, this study about the brain’s algorithm was published last June 26.