Katie Manno, MD, gave some tips on how you can save your skin amidst the sun’s scorching heat.

Potent Screen

Use a premium sun protection cream to protect your body. But before you purchase one, check the following details first:

  • Sun Protection Factor 30 and up
  • The sunscreen must be a ‘broad spectrum’ – meaning it has the ability to protect the skin from a wide range of ultraviolet ray spectrum.  
  • Must contain mineral-based ingredients such as zinc oxide

Manno Reveals the Right way of Applying Sunscreen

Do the following in applying the sunscreen.

  • Quarter-sized sunscreen is enough to protect your face
  • For your body, you can use 1.5 oz.
  • Apply the sun protection cream thoroughly. Don’t forget the lips, ears, back of the neck, hands, and back of the knees

It is recommended to apply the cream every after two hours when the sun’s heat is at its peak.

Limiting Your Exposure is the Best way

If you don’t want to apply sun protection cream, staying at home is the best alternative.

Now, if you really need to go out, the following tips can help you:

  1. If possible, schedule your activities beyond 10AM-4PM (this is when the sun’s heat is in its prime)
  2. Always consider your environment. Like if you are near the river, you need to reapply the sun protection cream. Remember that the water of the river will reflect the sun’s heat.
  3. You need to find some shade if possible
  4. If you have a baby (6 months old and below) make sure to cover his or her entire body
  5. Use sunglasses with ultraviolet absorption capability
  6. Be careful when going outdoor especially if you have a condition that could be triggered by extreme heat

These are some of the skin protection hacks that you can try this summer. Use these tips because it came from an expert.