A recent study affirmed the benefits of inducing integrative medicines to patients suffering from serious diseases.

Based on the “Effect of Integrative Medicine Services on Pain for Hospitalized Patients at an Academic Health Center” research, integrative procedures such as massage therapy, meditation, deep breathing, and acupuncture greatly helps relieve the pain of inpatients.

The said study was conducted from October 2017-January 2018, subjecting a total of 578 patients from two Mayo hospitals.

Medical practitioners (as per request by the researchers) provided 1,220 alternative and wellness medicines to the patients for one quarter. Doctors revealed that around 90 percent of the integrative services they gave constitutes to Swedish massage. Meanwhile, almost 10 percent of the patients preferred acupuncture.

The researchers utilized a Numerical Pain Rating Scale to systematically draw data from the patients.

Results and Other Output

The said study confirmed that patients who are suffering from too much pain could actually get relief from any integrative medicines.

Also, doctors found out that providing massage to the patients help to improve their sleep pattern.

To note, most of the patients get complications due to sleep deprivation and stress.

Researchers are hoping that this study will serve as a springboard for all medical institutions to pick up integrative services as part of their medication procedures.

Causes of Pain: Some are Surprising and Totally Insane

  1. Psychological. Believe it or not, the pain that you are feeling right now doesn’t really exist. Instead, it is just part of your crazy imagination.
  2. Battle of Neutrophils. When our body gets too much support from Neutrophils (white blood cell) to battle infections, then we experience unbearable pain.
  3. Just a Sensation. Sometimes our visceral sensation leads us to feel extreme pain. This happens when the nociceptors of our brain are being triggered by sudden impact, tensions, or other physical distress.

With this recent development, we can safely say that people enduring too much pain are now on the brink of experiencing total comfort while laying on their beds.