Eggs have always been regarded as superfood. They are filled with nutrients that help you kick-start your days. The health benefits obtained from consuming eggs are numerous too that’s why it’s branded as a superfood. It has vitamins and proteins needed by the body.

Eggs can be cooked in several ways like scrambled, boiled and omelet and can also be added to salad and other dishes. But the question about which part of the egg is most beneficial remains unanswered. Let’s find out.

The number of calories in egg yolks and egg whites differ greatly. The yolk of a large egg contains almost 55 calories while the white only has about 17 calories.

The Yolk

For several years, health-conscious people have avoided egg yolks because of the saturated fat and cholesterol it contains.  These contents increase the body’s cholesterol level which may bring about heart problems.  However, it is important to note that between egg yolks and egg white, the former is, in fact, more nutritious. 

Egg yolk has Vitamins A, B6, B12, D, K, and E, and it is also filled with calcium, iron, selenium, and magnesium.  In addition, the yolk has carotenoids that aid in improving eyesight by acting as antioxidants and shield against free radicals that may harm the retina. The water-soluble vitamin called Choline can also be found in egg yolks.  This vitamin contains anti-inflammatory properties and supports the functions of the body’s cardiovascular system.

The white

Albumen, often called egg white, is the external layer of an egg. People who are conscious of their health eat only this part of the egg as it is free from fat and has little calories. It aids in muscle-building and weight gain and doesn’t make you feel hungry right away. It has potassium mineral that helps reduce high blood pressure. Lastly, it has riboflavin, a vitamin that prevents migraine and cataract.

The winner

Just by looking at the nutrients that they contain, it is obvious that egg yolk is more beneficial than the egg white. Then again, it is recommended that the egg yolk still be taken in moderation to avoid any danger to the health.