Understanding “Hidden Consciousness” Could Help Coma Patients

A person who is suffering from a severe coma has still a chance to recover, a study confirmed. According to researchers, some comatose patients showed a 'hidden consciousness' state amidst their deep sleep. They made this conclusion after analyzing the brain algorithms of 100 patients.

Doctor Tips on Saving the Skin from the Blazing Sunlight

Katie Manno, MD, gave some tips on how you can save your skin amidst the sun's scorching heat. Potent Screen Use a premium sun protection cream to protect your body. But before you purchase one, check the following details first: Sun Protection...

Massage and Other Integrative Procedures, Effective in Reducing Pain of Patients

A recent study affirmed the benefits of inducing integrative medicines to patients suffering from serious diseases. Based on the "Effect of Integrative Medicine Services on Pain for Hospitalized Patients at an Academic Health Center" research, integrative procedures such as massage therapy, meditation, deep breathing, and acupuncture greatly helps relieve...

Don’t Let the Hot Weather ruin Your Sleep

An adequate amount of sleep is required for all of us to stay in tip-top shape. Through sleep, we will be able to recharge our body after a long tiring day. Having enough rest helps us achieve a blemish-free complexion, energetic body, and a clear mindset in the morning. Unfortunately, sleeping becomes...

The Real Benefits of a Massage

Burned out? Perhaps you might be thinking of having a relaxing massage session. Why shouldn’t you, right? After a long day’s work, extended meetings, and workplace stress, all you need is a way for you to relax and de-stress. And having a massage might just do the trick.